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Who is a Sales Support VA?

A Sales Support VA is responsible for assisting the client's sales team and allowing them to focus on making sales. This VA can take various forms depending on the industry, business size, and sales team's makeup. Providing support for the sales team can take the form of managing specialized software that sales associates use to track leads and connect with customers, depending on the definition of the role within the client's company.

The role generally intends to execute activities supporting the primary sales staff. This activity can include administrative tasks such as making travel arrangements, scheduling meetings, and sales-specific functions like sending out sales materials and preparing quotations. The Sales support VA may sometimes be responsible for inside sales to existing accounts.

Several different support activities are involved in sales, and they vary widely based on product factors such as type, price point, complexity, and company factors such as size, industry, and structure. An activity assigned to a sales support VA at one company might be assigned to an administrative assistant, an account representative, or a marketing team member in another company.

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Common sales support duties include:

  • Providing troubleshooting assistance for customer orders, account statuses, and relevant problems.
  • Providing data and guides to help the sales team
  • Developing and monitoring performance indicators
  • Presales activities such as market research and lead generation.
  • Follow up and send information to prospects, or make the initial cold call to determine interest and may be frequently involved in the sales process.

This whole process might include scheduling meetings between the prospect and the sales executive and might also include attending such meetings. It might involve obtaining pricing, coordinating bid efforts among departments, and creating the final bid package or quotation.

Benefits of a Sales Support VA

Developing systems for supporting salespeople can benefit almost any company because it can make the sales team more productive and allow them to focus on their strengths.

A solid sales and marketing team is essential for companies hoping to increase revenue and connect with new customers. When sales team members receive sufficient support, they may be more likely to meet their targets and increase profits for the business. Supporting a sales team with a sales support VA can positively impact a company. Here are some of the main benefits of supporting sales staff:

  • Virtual Assistance from BMVA is delivered by highly skilled and well-trained professionals who become an invaluable part of your growing business over time.
  • We have designed an effective two-way communication management system to keep track of our VAs and ensure our clients' needs and expectations are met.
  • The goal at BMVA is to ensure we provide our clients the help they need to grow their businesses while also managing their time more efficiently and relieving productivity bottlenecks
  • We keep in mind what the perks of hiring Virtual Assistants are to business owners, and with this always in mind, we help you by reining you in from time to time
  • We maintain the highest ethics and honesty in all dealings with clients, colleagues, and the public

Salespeople often have specialized skills that allow them to build relationships with customers, listen to their requirements, and find a satisfactory agreement for sale. When they can use their abilities to connect with interested customers, they may meet or exceed their sales targets and help grow a business. When a sales team is free to do what they do best, they might also become more motivated.

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Our Sales support VAs are experienced in sales, CRM management, digital marketing, and administrative services. Contact us to speak with our experienced sales support team and get your business more productive.