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Email Management

Managing your emails can take hours daily, especially on a hectic day. Sometimes, we lose track of time between sorting and responding to emails. Email management can be draining and distracting. At BMVA, Our Virtual Assistants in charge of managing your emails offer a wide range of services to help you declutter the emails, organize your inbox, and follow up on essential emails; your Virtual assistant will also respond to the non-essential emails on your behalf, to keep you focused on the crucial emails.

Let Us Help You Get Organized

You'll never get to worry about missing an email or having a messy email inbox. Our Virtual Assistants would help you reduce spam subscriptions, and clean up your mailbox, so you can see the priority file and attend to it. Here is how we get you organized:
We ensure that your emails are reviewed daily and sorted into folders marked with several priority tags. After understanding your business, our Virtual Assistants help to create an email template optimized to market your service to your target audience. We can respond on your behalf to the not-to-so-critical emails that require standard responses. This helps to streamline your focus on critical tasks.

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Your Email Management VA will help with the following:

  • Configure the rules, alerts, and filters according to the needs
  • Clean up and sort, archive, or delete old emails from the inbox
  • Manage and update all connected addresses
  • Send introductory emails to new connections
  • Manage auto-responder when the user is staying away
  • Respond to requests for appointments, set them up, and add them to the calendar

Every inbox needs to be managed systematically. It does not matter what industry or level you are in; you can get fifty or two hundred emails daily. Managing these emails would be so complex and time-consuming. You need to take the help of an email management service to waste less time and save your valuable time. It takes a lot of time to open and read the emails, and after wasting your valuable time, you discover that the email was unnecessary.

Plan your holidays, travel, and spend time with your family, knowing that BMVA has covered your email like you never took your eyes off!

By having a virtual assistant with an email management service, the emails will be read automatically, and very intellectually, you'll only see urgent messages with important information. You will also see the emails that need a response from you or require action.

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Services Images

Benefits of Email Management

  • Never Miss Important Emails
  • Start Saving Your Productive Time
  • Respond Faster To Critical Emails
  • Start Saving Administrative Costs
  • Email Management Makes You More Responsive

Our Virtual Assistants always explore the opportunity to identify leads, respond to their queries, and follow up on communications with them, so you never miss out on a future sale. We can function as your 'Help Desk' and 'Customer Representative' and also handle live chat and customer requests.